Formula Data Provider

Formula Data Provider

General Info

The Formula Data Provider enables you use a Formula as a control value. This is particularly useful when the value has to be a dynamically evaluated expression (that depends on other controls/other conditions).


1) The following example shows the input value of another textbox (“LastName”) in the form:
"Your last name is: " + {LastName}
or alternatively
"Your last name is: " + form.GetControl("LastName").GetValue()
2) The following example can be used on a label to indicate a future value of another DatePicker control (with the name “ItemDate”), using a javascript conditional statement:
({ItemDate} > new Date()) ? "Date belongs to the future" : "Date belongs to the past"

3) The following example calculates the numeric sum of two textbox values (names of textboxes: txtNum1 and txtNum2), assuming that both of the Textboxes are set to return a numeric value (either using the Format or the Decimals property):
{txtNum1} + {txtNum2}

See Also

For more info about the concept of Data Providers, their usage and their common properties (Name, OnDataLoaded, Condition, etc) see Basic Concepts: Intro to Data Providers 
For more info about Formulas, their syntax and supported expressions see Formulas for Various Properties